Darren Woods Exxon BS?

Recently there was an interview on CNBC with Exxon CEO Darren Woods where he predicted that by 2040 all cars would be electric vehicles. He then goes on to explain why Exxon which makes their money from oil production is positioned to be successful despite this claim.

For this interview with CNBC’s Darren Faber, Mr. Woods is sporting a dark blue “workers uniform” with his name Darren as if he is a common Exxon worker.

As the interview begins you immediately get the sense it’s a pre-fabricated conversation with Mr. Woods sitting there in an awkward way. It’s simply not how normal everyday people sit and talk to eachother. The CNBC producers screwed the pooch on this.

Here’s a classic vague bullshit answer that is nonsense to the average person.

If you do a Google image search for “Darren Woods Exxon” there are hundreds of pictures where he is wearing the standard CEO garb of suit and tie, but you won’t see any images of him for press releases or actual photos interacting with employees where he’s wearing that same blue Exxon workers uniform. Which is fine, but…

You have to ask yourself, “Why is Darren Woods wearing an Exxon workers uniform for an interview with CNBC where they’re talking about the state of the oil industry?

If you are a cynical person you might think that Mr. Woods and CNBC did this interview as a PR stunt to promote the company of Exxon. Wait a minute. That sounds crazy.

You be the judge!

Darren Woods interview with CNBC’s David Faber