Spotify sucks for podcasts

These are reasons why people think the Spotify app sucks for podcasts. The main complaint is horrible user interface for managing podcasts plus really obnoxious ads. Compare top podcast apps vs. Spotify and you’ll see why Spotify sucks for podcasts.

Thousands of people search daily for “Spotify sucks for podcasts” and here are the top reasons we’ve determined why Spotify sucks when it comes to listening to podcasts. We used the Joe Rogan podcast to test the user experience since it’s the most popular podcast on Spotify, and here’s the basic list of reasons why Spotify currently sucks for listening to podcasts.

Reasons Spotify App sucks for podcasts

  1. Horrible User Interface
  2. Hard to navigate podcasts
  3. Podcasts treated same as music
  4. Easy to get lost after searching
  5. Can’t find way back to home
  6. Can’t change playback settings
  7. Can’t change forward/back skips

Here’s a perfect example why people think Spotify sucks for podcasts. It’s not easy to find the simple list of podcasts that have been downloaded. Library? Then user has to make sure they are using the “downloaded” filter. Then if user wants to see latest podcast episodes, they can’t because the default position of Spotify shows the latest episode that the user was listening to which could be 2 years old. So then if the user wants to see the latest podcast episode they have to scroll up up up up for a minute or two to see the most recent podcast episode. This whole Spotify podcast UI needs a total redesign from the ground up that is completely separate from the music interface. Podcast listener behavior and demands are much different from music listener behaviors and requirements.

Question: How can Spotify developers justify such a horrible UI is for managing and listening to podcasts? Answer: Monopoly. The only reason it’s an issue is because some podcasts like Joe Rogan Experience have sold their souls and are only available on Spotify. Otherwise, most folks would never use Spotify for podcasts.

* Article explains exactly why Spotify needs a separate podcast app.

It is surprising just how bad the Spotify user experience is for listening to podcasts when compared to listening to podcasts on popular apps or services like: Player FM, Stitcher, Apple iTunes, etc…

All of the best podcast apps allow users configure things exactly how they want to optimize the download and playback experience while listening to podcasts. Wow, Spotity… take a note here.


Spotify needs to create a separate app which is optimized for podcasts. Spotify should hire some developers who’ve worked for a successful podcast app like Stitcher, Player FM, etc.

Best Alternatives to Spotify app for Podcasts on Google Play

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