Top tens signs you’re an asshole

A list of the top ten signs you may be an asshole. If you do 30% or more of these there’s a good chance you’re a kind of a jerk and should probably reconsider how you’re going about life.

  • You constantly criticize others
  • You are unable to compromise
  • You bully or manipulate people
  • You regularly interrupt everyone
  • You object to reasonable requests
  • You can’t take constructive criticism
  • You have no concept of “mindfulness”
  • You act like a baby when people disagree
  • You slam doors and anything else possible
  • You regularly leave dirty dishes in the sink
  • You are “the neighbor” with barking dogs
  • You play car stereo full blast windows open
  • You throw your trash out of the car window
  • You hang out in the left lane never passing
  • You are pretty fat and ride a loud motorcycle
  • You don’t go when light turns green (texting)
  • You talk loudly on phone in line at store
  • You think that EGO is just about waffles