Worst late night talk shows

These are the worst late night talk shows because the hosts (and/or writers) can’t resist the urge to constantly beat the drum about their politically biased views. They go for low hanging politically divisive fruit and use it in their monologues for cheap laughs in their comedy echo chamber. A sad state of affairs and Johnny Carson talked about it here.

  1. Jimmy Kimmel
  2. Stephen Colbert
  3. Seth Meyers

These guys have a few things in common. They all started out as pretty funny joke writers and did some hilarious stuff back in the day. But now they are bitter shells and woke Hollywood bandwagon republican haters that can’t hide the sneers when they talk about politics.

Jimmy Fallon is one of the few late night talk show hosts who handles political topics in a friendly fair way that everyone can laugh at and appreciate the humor. Conan O’Brien was pretty good about his approach to political stuff as well. It goes without saying that Johnny Carson was a real class act the kind you hardly see in modern TV talk shows anymore. Jay Leno was pretty good about not getting into divisive political issues and David Letterman also mostly focused on jokes but was not afraid to call bullshit on either political party.

Craig Ferguson was kind of a wack job with an odd ball sense of humor (not for everyone) but he was also a bitter guy that just couldn’t hide his true colors about politics.