Best free WordPress plugins list

Here’s a great list of the best free WordPress plugins that you can try. They are all highly rated by WordPress users and have excellent developer support. It’s amazing how useful some of these WP plugins can be to improve website design or functionality and save the webmaster tons of time.

Best free WordPress themes and WP hosting

We think the best FREE WordPress themes (by far) are 😀 Blocksy, Hestia, Neve, OceanWP, Sydney, and Zakra. Blocksy is incredibly user friendly and soooo customizable. The top choice best WordPress hosting is A2 Hosting with unlimited website hosting plans for under $5 per month. 😀 Compare A2 Hosting plans.

Our favorite free Wordpess plugins

Here’s a huge list of the best free WordPress plugins that web developers use regularly. The plugins that have a smiley face 😀 next to them are the best of the best and our top picks for awesome free plugins. Click on any of the plugins links and it will take you to the plugin information page.

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