Reasons for loud exhaust

These are the top ten reasons why people have loud exhaust noise on their cars and motorcycles. See if you can find the reason in the list why you have such a loud exhaust.

Reasons for loud exhaust noise - Fat slob on a motorcycle
  1. Small Penis
  2. Inferiority Complex
  3. Bad parenting
  4. Poor ethics
  5. Low IQ
  6. Autistic
  7. Sociopath
  8. Clueless
  9. Asshole
  10. Brainwashed

Loud Exhaust Tips

Many men with small penises feel the need to overcompensate and prove their manliness with owning loud and powerful machines. Some men have an inferiority complex which causes them to compensate by having cars and motorcycles with loud exhaust.

Bad parenting, which also relates to people with inferiority complexes, is a major reason for people who proudly operate vehicles with loud exhaust. Poor ethics cause people to operate loud cars, trucks and motorcycles because they simply don’t care how their actions effect others.

People with low IQ scores are generally more likely to exhibit anti-social behavior such as driving cars and motorcycles with obnoxious loud exhaust noise. Autistic folks can’t be to blame because it’s a mental issues that causes them to drive vehicles with loud exhaust noise. Sociopaths couldn’t care less if their loud exhaust noise bothers anyone and they may even enjoy it.

Clueless people will just drive their loud cars and motorcycles without even knowing they might be bothering anyone. Assholes are simply proud of the fact that their loud exhaust bothers everyone around them. And then there are the brainwashed “loud pipes save lives” brainwashed cult of motorcycle riders.

Perhaps the worst of the lot are the brainwashed idiots who constantly parrot the phrase “loud pipes save lives” whenever they hear the mention of noisy exhaust. They have been convinced that their loud exhaust is either cool, or (in motorcycle riders case) a way to protect themselves via “loud pipes save lives”. How do these people expect to be taken seriously when they contradict their safety premise by wearing tiny helmets, t-shirts and no gloves or high-visibility colors while riding their motorcycles? Also, consider that the sound of the exhaust is going the opposite direction of the car which they are trying to warn with their loud exhaust. Riding with a safety-first mindset as if you are invisible is what saves lives.

Tell tale signs of “loud pipes save lives” people

  • Don’t wear helmets if possible
  • Wear tiny half-helmets
  • Minimal protective gear
  • No high visibility colors
  • Poor bike riding skills
  • Fat and out of shape
  • Sporting that facial hair
  • Riding a Harley Davidson

Some things the “loud pipes save lives” cult often have in common include: riding loud motorcycles, no helmet or minimal helmet, no gloves, no protective clothing, poor riding skills, overweight, facial hair, almost always a Harley Davison rider. They are out there “taking in nature” on their bikes but these nature lovers look as if they would be out of breath 3 minutes into a hike in the woods. You would be hard pressed to find any cross-country BMW bike rider say the words “loud pipes save lives”.