Silly kitchen gadgets

Here’s a quick list of the top ten silly kitchen gadgets of all time. It’s amazing the sheer amount of stupid cooking gizmos that people actually buy.

Silly Kitchen Gadgets | Hall of Shame

These kitchen gadgets are generally things that insult your intelligence where you could easily use good old fashioned culinary skills otherwise to accomplish the goal.

We’ll update this list as more stupid kitchen gadgets emerge. Nominate your choice for silly kitchen gadgets in the comments below and include your product links.

Silly Kitchen Gadgets Hall of Shame (Amazon Links) 😀

  1. cold butter knife
  2. hot dog toaster
  3. monkey peeler
  4. booger egg tool
  5. pickle picker
  6. claws to eat with
  7. butter dispenser
  8. scary boiled eggs
  9. taco cheese grater
  10. condiment handgun
  11. condiment pooper
  12. food huggers
  13. easy bacon cooker
  14. canned tuna drainer
  15. square boiled eggs
  16. pizza scissors
  17. smart kettles
  18. banana savers
  19. melon peelers
  20. banana slicer
  21. egg cracker
  22. corn off cobs
  23. sandwich makers
  24. asparagus peeler
  25. strawberry huller
  26. quesadilla maker
  27. bear paws
  28. fruit veggie slicers
  29. herb scissors
  30. salad scissors
  31. garlic choppers
  32. avocado slicer
  33. yolk separators
  34. bag holders
  35. grape slicers
  36. corn silk remover
  37. onion peeler
  38. cake portion maker
  39. mango slicer
  40. banana holder
  41. vegetable hammock
  42. creepy corks
  43. knives with art
  44. litesaber chopsticks
  45. oven rack puller